Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keeping them busy

My lil Angels pointing to their work
   By far my 4th period class is the most troublesome, but also has some of the funniest kids ever!!  There is always that one class that is the most trying and has some of the most extrema personalities and ends up being my most-liked (I don't like to use the word favorite). And by far the kids in my 4th crack me up!  Here is one of my lil comics that decided to use the class rain stick to do a little rain dance. I acquired the rain stick from one of my students who made it for extra credit (yeah, Im that kind-of teacher. The one that gives extra credit for stuff I can keep in my classroom). So as a teacher there are always those kids in your class that finish before everyone else and well if you don't have something to fill their time with they will find something to do. Let me just tell you, you don't want them to decide what they will do with their idle time. After becoming a teacher I truly found out where the term, "Idle hands are the devils workshop," comes from. So good teachers always have "early finisher work" ready and waiting for those lil smarty speed demons, and mine happens to be making the flags of the countries that we are studying. My 4th period has many lil boogers that have the potential to turn into "devil's workshops," that would put a sweatshop in India to shame. But now that I have the flags they love it and seems to be keeping them busy till everyone else can get caught up. And again, this all serves as great stuff to put in my classroom. The great kind-of stuff that observers just love to see when they come to observe me, yes I know I have an alliterative motives...and they are pretty!
Sometimes I can't wait for the bell to ring and then other days I can't believe that I get paid to do this. I would say that 99% of the time I love my job, the other 1% I can't think straight enough to come to any conclusion.   -Till Tomorrow

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