Friday, April 9, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the New

Today I bought a new car!!!! I also sold my old car. I bought a '04 Honda Accord, fully loaded. I'm really excited about the sunroof and its in such Great condition! I have been driving Dot, my '98 Nissan Sentra for over 9 years. It was a good car and still running but it was time for a trade up. So Im thinking of tinting the windows and I of course have to get a hook up for my iPod installed, so going to add a lil bit to it.
 Tomorrow I'm going into town to pick up the t-shirts for the Student Council's Wacky Olympics. But not much planned for the weekend, going to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather!
Hope you have a Happy Saturday!!     -Till Tomorrow

The Old

The New


Anonymous said...

Good deal kiddo totally blessed by the Lord luv ya mom

jsamclain said...

Awesome! Now, the question is..."What are you going to name this one?" LOL!!

Jessica Blood said...

I think you should name her Blaze

Anonymous said...

How about "Ditto"