Thursday, April 8, 2010

Soap Fun

   This was a gift from one of my students...she made it in Fine Arts from a bar of soap. So I was very happy that my class fish didn't die over Spring Break and today one of my kids brought in a turtle. So the turtle hung out in the fish bowl with Tigris and Euphrates (yep thats the names of fish, I do teach Geog.). Today was crazy! The kids are all getting antsy as we move into State Testing, I will be so glad when it over!! So its Thur. so that means that I had detention. I had 10 kids that joined me for a lil early morning quality time spent writing about what got them in my room at 7am. It's always so funny to me when they have to answer about why they are in detention. Some go the honest route and fess up to the rules that they broke. While others lie, and make up some of the best stories about what landed them in detention. I love when they say it was the teachers fault or they always love to blame it on their friends. 
   So that was my morning, I then reviewed all day for their test tomorrow and then did after school tutoring. I then drove to town to go to my painting class. I sat in my painting class for aver 40 min. waiting on the professor to show when we all finally signed a roll and called it a night. So I drove for over an hour to not have class and turn around and drive home. So that was my day in a nut shell.  -Till Tomorrow  

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