Wednesday, April 28, 2010

   Today was a beautiful day for a field trip!!! We had such a good time visiting the State Capital building and I even learned a good bit. I did not know that LA had the tallest capital building of the 50 states. We rode the elevator all the way to the top deck and went out and walked around...pretty cool. The kids had a good time and we all enjoyed the beautiful day. After we did the tour of the new capital building we rode over to the old one, its really a beautiful structure and has gorgeous grounds. We had our lunch sitting outside under some trees and had a lot of fun. We got some good and fun pictures and I will post them soon. So, I did have a lil bit of a field trip mishap. We were supposed to be back by 1:30 and didn't get back till 3:45!! I mean we did go all the way to BR, but my principal was great about it and the kids sure didn't mind one bit.   -Till Tomorrow 

The Group

On the 27th floor of the State Capital Building

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