Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tree in Room and Other Random Things

Tree in Room
   Not the best photo...My newest painting in progress. I love trees and I'm enjoying this painting a lot. This week is going by so fast! Friday can't get here soon enough! I will take my camera with me to class on Thur. so that I can get a better picture. Had to leave school today to go to the doctor and then I went to clean my car. Today was the second time I made the drive to town and I have to go back tomorrow for class. I only have 3 more classes left and then no more leaving from school to go to my painting class and getting home at 11pm. Tomorrow should be fun, Project Law will come and speak to the kids so that pretty much takes my whole 4th period time so that means I have to make some changes. The last couple of weeks of school are all about being flexible because you just never know what each day will bring. Well need to go and get some sleep...I want to get to bed before Midnight so I can get more then just a nap. ;)          -Till Tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

why isn't the shadow behind the tree