Friday, April 23, 2010

We Went Wacky Today!!

   More like I went crazy today! So our school does a yearly Wacky Olympics, in which the different grade levels compete against one another in crazy wacky games. This picture is of me cracking up as one of the Juniors completes the final part of the Wacky Relay. It was a fun time for the students and some of the teachers did enjoy watching the different grades do crazy things to try and beat the other teams. Much to everyone's surprise the 8th grade was today's winner, Congrats to them. They competed in such games as the Blindfolded Jell-O Eating Contest, The Sack Race, Junk in the Trunk (a tissue box was filled with ping-pong balls and tied to the small of their backs and they had to shake the balls out without lifting their feet off the ground or touching the ground with their hands), Snot River, Wacky Relay, The Egg Toss, and Over and Under. There was a lot of fun had by all and a big mess to clean up. I have to say that I have a pretty awesome group of students that are on my Student Council. They really stepped up and did their part for this event. So all we have is Prom tomorrow night and then hoping for a relaxing Sunday. Tomorrow should be fun! A bunch of us teachers are going to help set up and then go and get ready and on to dinner before we go to chaperon the dance at 9:00pm. Well its late and I really need to get me some beauty sleep...  -Till Tomorrow
This kid ate some Jell-O!!

Under and Over

Yep, Sack Race

Wacky Relay

The Sr. team trying to bring them all across the Snot River at one time

They did not make it...

Over and Under

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