Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a Great Day for a Crawfish Boil!

   It was a gorgeous day today and a perfect day for the Crawfish Cookoff. I still can't believe how many people showed up, they say that there was over 10,000!! They started to run out of crawfish early and people were still coming. It was so good to see everyone, some people I saw I hadn't seen since before Katrina. Most of the family was there, that includes cousins, aunts, uncles, second and third cousins and even a great uncle & aunt. Kids were everywhere and it seemed that everyone had grown up, gotten married, had kids, or changed in some way. There was good music, really good food and lots of good friends, all of which equal a Very Good Time!!!! I still was not feeling 100% so I came home a lil early and ended up taking some medication and falling asleep. I'm ready to be over this lil bug! Well tomorrow is Sunday and that means getting ready for the school week and church. I've got a busy week coming up and really need to get somethings done.   -Till Tomorrow

Lydia and I
Mommies, Babies and Nan Syl
Lee practicing for when he has two

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