Friday, April 30, 2010

What a Shame! We Lost the Game!!

   Today was our 2nd Annual Cabbageball Game. The injure list read like this:
1 teacher draws blood on her on arm when she cut herself with her ring.
2 teachers bleeding from their knees after sliding into base (one was pretty bad)
1 sprained ankle
1 jammed finger and 
2 pulled muscles.
And all of that was just from our team of teachers! But we did beat the parents and then lost to the students. On top of all the injures we all found out just how out of shape we all were. We discovered that many of us are not athletically inclined and that we enjoyed talking trash to the kids about beating them more then we did playing them. More then anything its about getting out there with the kids and looking a fool and having a good time. They loved watching Ms. Latham and Ms. Stallings strike out, and watching Ms. Latham and Ms. LaJack try to avoid the ball by playing out outfield. So no doubt we will not hear the end of them kicking out butts and we definitely have to start drafting for the teachers team for next year!  -Till Tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

At least y'all were brave enough to take on the kids. That takes courage!