Monday, May 31, 2010


   Wow! Can't believe that this is my 150th blog post. Today the camp I'm working started. Its for girls in the 7th and 8th grade and all about girl power. They are trying to instill in these girls that they don't have to rely on a man to make them happy. Its a really good camp and we will be going on a lot of trips into the city and doing field trips to some pretty interesting places. Tomorrow we are going do a tour of a hospital and Wed. a tour of a bank. We have a full week planned and should make it go by pretty fast. Today was pretty much a get to know you day and we kind-of laid out what the rest of the camp would involve. We also put the girls into groups and had them come up with a group name, color, and motto. We are also spending apart of the afternoon going through a workbook called "Don't Give It Away." It's a pretty good lil book about how to value themselves and to have a better self image. So, I have been slacking again on my journaling time. I'm doing good when it comes to blogging but I haven't been as good at writing in my personal journal. I am very proud of myself for still not drinking any soft drinks. Well I'm going to journal tonight after my shower and then try to get to bed a lil early. Got a busy day tomorrow.  -Till Tomorrow
My girls working on their boxes

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Before its was Baked
   I slept in today and then spent most of the day not really doing much. I did make a deep dish pizza. I used some of the leftover dough from the quiche and my sister had all of the fresh pizza toppings ready to go. It came out really good, even if my sister thought I used to much cheese. After lunch with the family and helping clean up the kitchen I played around on the internet. I've been looking at buying a new camera and for the past 2 years I have been looking at a DSLR. Now this is a pretty big camera and I have found that with the way I like to travel I didn't want anything bigger then what I already have. But I want something that will give me the same quality at the DSLR and I think I may have found just what I've been looking for in the new 
Olympus Pen E-PL1. Its compact, 12 Megapixels, and the pictures are of the same quality of the bigger, more expensive, DSLRs. So it looks like it may the camera for me. I'm also pretty excited because I just got my bonus check and it was almost twice the amount that I thought it was going to be. So I can not only pay more on my debt but get my camera as well. Now I know that some would say that the very responsible person would put it all towards my debt and pass on the new camera, I guess I'm jut not there yet.         -Till Tomorrow

This Kid Cracks Me Up!! Too Cute!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Relaxing Day!!

   Today was such a nice and relaxing day! I was going to go to the Greek Fest at the Lakefront but wasn't feeling that great so decided to just stay home and relax. It was also some crazy weather and even hailed!!! I was praying that it didn't mess up my car. I spent the day working on a picture book, catching up on washing and paperwork. I also got to watch my lil niece Sophie. She is so cute!! She has this fascination with Mickey Mouse, she loves her some Mickey!!!
-Till Tomorrow   

Friday, May 28, 2010

Doing a little coking and baking

   This afternoon I made my first quiche. I had a recipe but kind-of added some stuff here and there. I made a spinach, mushroom, onion, and turkey quiche with Gruy√®re cheese. It came out really good, or at least thats what my friends tell me. I'm not sure why but I always thought that quiche was a hard thing to make but its really not that hard at all. While my quiche was baking I made my first bread pudding. Again, not a hard thing to make at all. I Love bread pudding with rum sauce.
I'm really enjoying my time off. We're making homemade pizza tomorrow, well I'm helping if I don't go to Greek Fest. If it rains then I'm going to skip on the festival, I'm not one of the die hards that goes to festivals in the rain. 
            -Till Tomorrow 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

   So it seems that this is something that I say often. Sammie Lynn saw this and said that she had to get it, that it was so me. Thanks Sammie, I love it! Today was my first day off and I had to go to a meeting for the camp I'm working and then a doctors appointment. After that I wasn't feeling so well so I did my Wal-Mart run and then came home. After I got home I laid down and took a 3 hour nap. I'm making quiche tomorrow and bread pudding, I will post pics of how the quiche goes. I'm hoping that we don't get rain on Sat. Its the N.O. Greek Fest and I think we're going to go and check it out.  -Till Tomorrow

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

   Today was my last day of work before my holiday (I like calling it that, it sounds so British). My picture for today is of a gift and card that two of my students gave me. It was so sweet of them and the card made me tear up.
I thought today was going to be a quick day, sign some papers, finalize some grades and then be on my way. But before going to work I had to make a visit to the local DMV to turn in some plates. Now our local DMV is only open on Wednesday, and I was told to get there at 7am to get in line for when they open at 8:30. So I get there and and wait...yeah, they don't open till 9! But once they open I'm the first in line and thankfully I just have to turn in the plates and there are no fees to pay, I was so Happy about that since I had heard one man say that he had to pay almost $200 for late plates. Once I'm done with that I'm then on to work and hoping to do my quick check out...that did not happen! I was pretty much done with everything just needed to call the parents of the students that failed my class and send failure letters as well. I also had to finalize my grades and do a printout. So did everything I could do and then waited for the grades to come from the alternative school for some of my students that got sent there. So I waited, and waited and still no grades. I talked to the office and they didn't have any and so I kept myself busy cleaning out papers and students work. I made my calls, filled out my letters and checked again and still no grades!! So then it was lunch time and Courtney, Sammie, Heidi, and I went to find food. After a great lunch at Ann's, I'm thinking I will get back and find grades waiting for me but Nope. Finally, I get the grades and get to finalize my grades and do my check out. What was supposed to be a quick last day turned into me not leaving till 2:00!!  -Till Tomorrow 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Day of School

   Today was the last day of school and it could not come quick enough. Once you get to the last few weeks the natives start to get restless and they were beyond that today. I only had one exam to give and so I spent most of my day cleaning out my classroom and getting things ready to wrap up. I had a few kids who did not pass and I will have to call parents tomorrow. We have to go in tomorrow to sign some paperwork and then get our sign out papers checked and signed. I'm hoping for a really short day tomorrow. I really need to go to the DMV and turn in my plates from the car I bought and the one I sold, should be a fun time since they are only open on Wed. 
  So, after my 4th hour took their exam I gave them back the world map I had them draw from memory the first day of class. Some of them were so funny and really Bad!! It was fun to hear, and see, my students reaction when they saw how much they had learned over the semester. I have to say that I was very surprised at the improvement some of them made. One of my final projects is their World Map Poster. They work on it all semester and its due the last week of school. They have to create a world map using a grid and coordinates. Some of them did such an Awesome job. I had them add the continents as we covered them. They also had to label some major features and they could get 5 bonus points for coloring it and adding lil extras. One of my students who is very artistically talented made such an Awesome map. I have included a pic below. I was so proud of so many of them and will miss many of them. It still surprises me how much I love teaching World Geography. I hated Geography in college and did not want to teach Geog. when they first offered me the job...just goes to show you, you never know.
Proud Cartographers

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cupcakes Tonight

Mixing it up
   So now that I have more time, since the school year is almost over, I have been doing some baking and cooking. I tried a new cupcake recipe tonight, it was not the best. I will probably go back to my old recipe, just wasn't impressed with this new one. It made a heavy cupcake and I like mine light and moist. I LOVE cupcakes, if you didn't already know this, cupcakes cure all! I also had a really cute new apron that my Mom bought for me and my sister made all cute. If your going to cook, cook in style I say.

How cute is this apron!

 Tonight, after making the cupcakes and cleaning up the kitchen I watched the last Law & Order. They are not going to have the regular Law & Order in New York. It was canceled, but it seems they have a new one coming out in the fall. Seems that they are going to have Law & Order in LA. Tonight's show hit home for me, it was about teachers and one of them that was pushed to the limits it brought me to tears. There was a school shooting and it showed the teachers helping the students and the kids looking to the teachers. It also showed the side of how easy it is for students to accuse a teacher of things that never happened. It reminded me of the Huge responsibility that I have and how I have to always be on guard while still be compassionate. Today I got a wonderful card and gift from two of my students, the card was so sweet and made my year. 
You know you want one
I have to say after watching tonight's Law & Order I am so thankful for the school that I teach at. I never worry that I student will hit me or that I will go to work and be in danger. I am thankful for all of our parents that support us teachers and our administration that  is there for us. Today we had a great little party to congratulate four of our teachers. One is having a baby, two got married recently and one gets married next month. So we all got together and brought some party food, pitched in and got a cake and had a good time celebrating together. That's what makes the hard days bearable, knowing that you have friends that care about you and are there to encourage and support you. I'm blessed to have found a place that does that! 
So tomorrow is the students last day and I only have to give one exam. I pretty much have all of me stuff ready for our last day check out that we are required to do, so I just need to post a few grades and I'm good to go.  -Till Tomorrow

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A little cooking and some baking

   I did a little cooking and baking today. Contrary to popular belief I do like to cook and bake, I just don't have to do it often due to the fact that most of my family all cook. My sister has a knack for it and well my mom's cooking is Awesome. Even my both of my brothers are really good cooks. But today I was in the kitchen, I made some chicken salad sandwiches for school tomorrow and while I was boiling the eggs I figured I could add a few more eggs to the water and make some Deviled Eggs for lunch, there my Dad's favorite. While waiting on the eggs to boil I noticed that we had some really ripe bananas and none of us eat bananas once they get ripe, we're all green banana eaters. So I decided to make some banana muffins. I didn't have a banana muffin recipe, so I did what we do with everything today I Googled it. Thanks to the world wide web I found this great recipe and a great site Cat Can Cook. She has a lot of great easy recipes, and I have to say that the muffin one was super easy and they are Really good! Today was a nice relaxing day and I can feel the summer break feeling already starting to set in. Only two more days for the kids and then one teacher day to finalize grades and get everything ready for summer. I have a very full week this week, giving exams, finalizing  everything at work, I have to turn in some license plates which means a trip to the DMV (praying that they haven't flagged my insurance!!!), a doctors appointment on Thursday, meeting for the summer camp I'm working, and going to try and go to BR to watch one of my nephew's baseball game. Should be a fun first week off.   -Till Tomorrow

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Few of the Eagles
   Today I went down the bayou to attend my friends Katie and Jesse's engagement party. Congrats you guys, can't wait for the wedding! It was so good to see a few of my friends from college and some of my old coworkers from American Eagle. The pic above is just a few of us eagles that were in attendance. We eat some good food and caught up on each others lives and reminisced about all the fun times we had at AE. Oh, and Congrats to Brandon who will be returning to AE as a manager. God help the lil kids that try to pull anything over on him since we pretty much did it all at that place. B your going to be great! 
I still can't believe how great it is that God has blessed me with such awesome people in ever season of my life. He always allows me to meet and become friends with such wonderful people as I make my way through life. I think that that is so cool the way people enter your life and you, in a sense, collect these friends along the way and how for each season of your life they are there to share in it. Human relationships and their placement in our lives is something that intrigues me.   -Till Tomorrow

Friday, May 21, 2010

Its Friday, Its Friday...yay yay Its Friday!

   Its also laundry day. I haven't washed in over two weeks and it was well overdue!! So after coming home from my half day of work, yep thats right two in a row baby, I felt that some tanning was in order. So I soaked up some rays while Jack Johnson added the final touch to the summer ambiance. After a lil toasting I decided that it was time to tackle the mountain of dirty clothes in desperate need of my attention. So got that started then decided to take a stroll to the back by my Dad who was working on the house. My parents are building a house, well I like to call it a mini Fort Knox but anyway, and my Dad is either at work, at church, sleeping, or working on the house. Its been a slow process and he has done most of the work himself and I will be so happy when he is done. Today was his Birthday so I thought I would go and spend some time with him. I have to say that I was blessed with the most Awesome Dad...I'm just saying. I thank God for him all the time and pray that God lets him stay around long enough to see me married and with kids one day. Sometimes I think he prays for me to meet someone more then I do. Its amazing to me the way that he loves me and wants me to be happy, I am truly a blessed daughter to have such a great father. Happy Birthday Daddy! Well after some bonding time on top the house, yeah their house is pretty much flood proof since its 23 feet in the air, I was back to washing and folding clothes. Cleaned up around the house and took care of some paperwork. I also went online and looked up trips to D.C. and think thats where I'm going to take a trip to this summer. Not sure just yet but trying to make some plans. Well its way late and I have a full day tomorrow. Going down the bayou to see some of my college friends and celebrate my friend Katie's engagement.   -Till Tomorrow

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wanting to pick seashells by the seashore

   I want to go to the Beach so bad!!! Today was an unexpected half day thanks to a busted water main at school. I headed to town to get somethings done and met up with some friends at Zea's for lunch. Good food and good conversation makes for a good time. After eating Zea's awesome food I went to go see Robin Hood and enjoy the rest of my day off. Been looking for a summer trip to go on, but not sure where. Super excited that tomorrow is Friday and only a half day.  

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It was a Good Night and a Slow Day

   Last night was our High School Graduation and it was very nice! Courtney and Marlena did an Awesome job! All of the kids did really good and we had no crazy mishaps, thank God. I was so touched when the Salutatorian mentioned me in her speech. She said that when she thought of teachers that had motivated her that I was one that came to mind. I have to say that I teared up. I will miss our group of seniors, they were a really good group of kids. 
    Today everyone was really dragging and really tired! But I think all of us, especially Courtney, Marlena, and myself, all were breathing a little easier now that we have graduation behind us. Only 1 more full day left to go and then 3 half days and Summer Break here we come!!! So thank God for coffee today and it was such a beautiful day that I left my classroom door open for most of the day. If you have never seen our school we have an open campus. Which I like on days like today and hate on the days that it storms. It seemed that I walked the halls a good bit today, so my pic below gives you a small look at where I spend most of my days...South Plaq. High.     -Till Tomorrow
Welcome to the Twilight Zone...aka Work

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Mrs. Fontenot being presented with her 4 gallons of Bluebell
  One of our middle school teachers, Mrs. Fontenot, is in the running for state level teacher of the year. Today Bluebell Ice cream came to our school to honor her, and gave the whole school free ice cream. It was really awesome of them to honor her and treat our school. Yay Bluebell! and Congrats Mrs. Fontenot hope that you win at the state level.
   Today when I got to my classroom I found that the remainder of my classroom fish had departed to fish heaven. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong but I just can't seem to keep fish alive. Well guess I will try with some new ones in the fall.
   Tonight is our graduation and I know that we are all ready for it to be over. This is our last big event and were done.          -Till Tomorrow

Monday, May 17, 2010

It Just May Stay That Way Forever...

   My fabulous sister Lydia monogrammed me this cute new school bag. She told me that she hoped that I wanted Ms. Latham on it because she had already done it. I told her that Ms. Latham was fine since it seems that as of right now it may be the ONLY last name I will ever have. There are a few good guys out there, but none seem to be my right guy. Latham may be the only name I sign. A lot of people seem to think that I want it this way, that if I wanted it to be different then I would make it happen. Well I just won't settle! I also believe that when its supposed to happen it will. So I will continue to sign Ms. Latham, enjoy life while doing it, and keep my eye open just in case I happen across "Mr. Right For Me".
  So enough of that, today was a fun Monday. I gave a test and pretty much finished up my units and now my kids just have to finish up their final project. We will be working on that and reviewing for the final exam the rest of this week. After school I went down to the gym to help decorate for graduation. Courtney and Marlena did an awesome job today. Things are really coming together and I know that all of us will breath a little easier after tomorrow night. Well I'm off to bed, its going to be a very long day tomorrow! 
-Till Tomorrow 
Cutest School Bag Thanks to My Lil Sis

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looking to be a non traveling summer for me :(

   I have tried and tried, but it just seems that I will not be traveling out of the country this summer...I'm bummed! But oh well, I guess I will live. I am going to try and get in a dive trip I just don't know when. So, since I'm not going anywhere this summer I'm going to start saving up for next summer. This will be the first summer that I have not gone somewhere. 
   This weekend went by so fast! Can't believe that tomorrows Monday already. This year has gone by so fast, and I still can't believe that this is our last full week of school. I think that the block schedule has made things seem to move by faster then normal. Can't believe that I will finish up my second year of teaching. Who knows what the new school year will bring, I do know that each year it seems to get easier and thats a relief. Well I really need to get to bed so I can start this week off good. Only 7 more days to go and summer break is here!!!
-Till Tomorrow

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Decorating & Crawdads

   Wow! So spent the day decorating the Boothville gym for our graduation. I will be so glad when we have our own gym. And as always, only a few (3) people show up to help with this kind-of stuff. After spending most of the day trying to hide the fact that the Boothville gym is the Boothville gym, I went to my Uncles where my family was having a crawfish boil. My cousin Bri had just gotten in and it was good to see her and lil Bella. My Uncle and Dad have really gotten the hang of boiling and they did an awesome job. It was a great evening and always fun time with the family. Well think I'm going to call it a night and get to bed early tonight. 
-Till Tomorrow

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Friday at the Ball Field

   Boy you could tell it was a Friday! The kids always act a little different on Friday, a lil more wound up. Tonight I went to a Zephyrs game with some friends. It was a good night at the ball field. Had fun at the game but not the best trip home. 
   So I'm trying to decide if I want to go anywhere this summer. I can feel it, the need to get away! I'm working two camps and YMI this summer, but thats work and not play. There's a possible trip to Europe, but not sure. It would be a lot of fun! Well not to much to blog about. The game was good and the Zephyrs won. Tomorrow I'm going to help decorate for Graduation...always fun times!  -Till Tomorrow

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Making Use of the Time

  I'm really enjoying my 3 1/2 hour break that I now have, thanks to me not having a class because the seniors have left.So I have been making use of the time and getting a lot done. I have my final made and copied and ready to go. Started cleaning out my file cabinet and my desk and getting ready for the summer break. I really wish that I was going somewhere this summer. Going watch Survivor tonight with my Uncle Walnut, its been really good and can't wait to see who gets voted off tonight. Well, -Till Tomorrow

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Needing a Little Luck

   So the picture for today is of my desk and some of the stuff I keep there. The first time I had the Magic 8 Ball out the kids went crazy for it! Some of them didn't even know what it was. It has taken up a permanent residence on my desk. Every day at least one student comes in and gives it a shake. It's always so funny to watch them as the squeeze their little eyes and shake and have that look of hope on their face as they wait to see what the Magic Ball will foretell. Added to permanent residence with the Ball is Mr. Gnome. The kids like him as well, and some have even started to rub his nose for luck. The future telling, luck giving items have been in use overtime as we near the end of the school year. Everyone is shaking and asking the same thing..."will I pass_______________ class?" So we are in the home stretch and you can tell. Everyone is pretty much done, well cooked, fed-up, at wits end, finished.  I have elections for Student Council Officers on Friday. Then we just have Graduation and exams and we're done.        -Till Tomorrow  

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Matter How Small

   I remind myself this at work all the time...even when they don't act like "person's" more like lil crazed maniacs. Since my Seniors are done and have left I don't have a 2nd or 3rd period class and then that goes right into lunch. So I teach at 1st and 4th and it seems that the day goes by slow. I'm not complaining, I'm getting a lot done and hoping to get even more done next week. I'm teaching less but I'm more exhausted then ever. Right now I'm about to fall asleep. So on that note... -Till Tomorrow

Monday, May 10, 2010

Observation Today!

   So I had my formal observation today and things went good. Basically my Principal comes in to my classroom and stays the whole class period to observe how I teach and manage my classroom. They have this crazy observation sheet that they fill out and then they meet with you after and tell you if you are going to be rehired. My kids were great, as always (well I did have a few out), and my lesson was pretty good. He said I did great, and there was only one thing that I needed to work on for next time. So I signed my paperwork and was told that I would be rehired for next year. So as of now thats what I'm doing, going to sign another year long contract with the Plaquemines Parish School Board. I had applied with the Dept. of Defense to teach overseas, but I haven't heard anything from them. I'm not so sure what I would do if I did. If they called me and asked me to teach in Greece or Spain I'm not sure what I would do Hmmm.....???? That would be a bridge I would cross if I got to it. But who wants to pass up a chance to live and work in another culture and to see a place like that not as simple a tourist but as a resident. But who knows??? I still have a lot to see around here. But I can say that at least I tried, I put in the applications and told God to do the rest.    -Till Tomorrow
My kid's Countdown Till Summer

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

I have been blessed with one of the best moms ever! She has been the one that has been a mom when she needed to be and now a friend. She gave guidance and advice, listens when I just need an ear, always there encouraging me to go after my dreams and never stops loving me. I thank God for the great mom he placed in our lives and the family she has made us to be. She is the binding thread that holds us together and is always think of us. I hope that one day I can be just as great a mom as she is! Happy Mothers Day to all the moms that make our lives so great, and show us how to live, laugh and love!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Good Day

   I had a really good day today! I went to the Aquarium and spent a fun day in the city. I didn't remember my camera so no pics of the day. I also went to go see "The Clash of the Titian's," it was ok but not the best movie. Some people compared it to a mix between 300 and Troy. Well I own both of these movies and I would never compare it to Troy for sure!   
   I'm so jealous of my friend Rachel and that she is leaving for her yearly trip to Mexico. I loved Mexico when I was there for my cruise and would love to go and stay longer. 
   So it seems that they thought they had the fix for the oil leak, but what they tried didn't work. Now they are going back to the drawing board and try to figure out what they can do at that deep. I hope that they figure it out soon and things don't get worse. If the oil reaches the shore there will be a lot of destruction and many of our beaches will not be a place for summer visits.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A New Addition

   I got our new additions set up and settled in the classroom. Volga and Nile are the 2 new fish that have joined Tigris and Euphrates in a new fish tank. One of my kids gave me the tank and the others requested the new fish. So today was crazy!! You can really start to tell that its the end of the year, everyone is tired and the kids seem to have lost their minds. I gave a test today and they finished up a project on East China. Some of the projects came out really good. I'm going to have my big observation on Monday during my 4th period, it shouldn't be to bad. I'm pretty excited about tomorrow and going to the Aquarium for the first time. It will take care of #3 on my list of things to accomplish this year. I'm doing pretty good with the list. Still got a bit left to do but going pretty good. Well... -Till Tomorrow

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

   I spent today in a professional development seminar. It was not a very fun day. This has been teacher appreciation week and our school has given us a small gift each day to let us know how much we are appreciated.  This is a picture of a few of the things that the gave us. So it was another day with a Sub for my kids and they said that they were feeling unloved...haha they can be so dramatic! I'm determined to get to bed early tonight, I have been so busy this week and have been so tired. So I will will say Good Night. 
           -Till Tomorrow 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A new sprout

   I know it doesn't look like much but that is a new leaf that has appeared on my orchid. I have been babying this plant forever and it has bloomed twice but then just seemed to stop doing anything. Then all of a sudden it got this new lil leaf, and to think I thought it was dying. So now I have been watching its progress...I know, a blog post about a sprouting leaf but this is it for me. So tomorrow I won't be at school again. I wonder if it will cause such a hoopla as it did on Monday? I guess it will if people make it out to be. I do know that my kids were sad to here that they would be with a Sub for another day. I did get the new fish tank cleaned and will be picking up the new fish that they want for the classroom. They told me that since we have Tigris and Euphrates (the fish), that the new fish needs to be a long fish that we could name Nile and I could pick the other one to name Volga. So I guess I will get them tomorrow. Today was my last full day with my seniors. They just have their exams left and then they are gone. I know that they are happy and I wish them all the best of luck as they move on to the next season of their lives. They will be missed, they are are great group of kids! Next week I have Student Council officer elections, always fun to see how that turns out. Its also when I find out who I will be working with for the whole school year. Well I just don't know how it always seems to happen but It's almost 11pm!! I come home from school and I'm exhausted and I'm like, "I'm going to bed early tonight!" But then its as if I get some strange second wind and I'm up till midnight. Well I'm going to call it a night and try to get to bed at least before it turn 11.  -Till Tomorrow

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

   So I'm not doing so good at getting a picture a day, but I am trying to still do a daily post. Some days there just is not a lot to post. Today was a pretty normal school day. There were some people at work that was not to happy about me taking a Personal day. My kids were so cute, they were all saying that they missed me and were happy that I was back...their so cute. I love that my bosses, the Principal and Vice Principal, were both ok with it and said I deserved a personal day. So tomorrow is another day...-Till Tomorrow

Monday, May 3, 2010

   I had a really good day! I enjoyed my day and happened to see some friends of mine. I love that I work with such a fun bunch of people and that we all love our jobs!! So here is a really 
cute pic of me and my own life size Polly Pocket (aka Courtney)
I just have to say that we have some really talented teachers at SPHS. Heidi Stallings has done an awesome job teaching English and wish I was in her class when she taught Romeo and Juliet, her kids were wearing masks and each playing a part, HOW FUN is that!!! And Courtney Mistich, who also teaches English, was teaching Frankinstine and had her students make these Awesome Frankenfolios. Looked like so much FUN!!!! We have an awesome math teacher, Sammie Drury, who I think could even teach me math and that's saying a lot!!!! Plus her kids do these cool activities, I never did fun activities in math :( We also have Mrs. Rollins (the cutest pregnant teacher!!!!!) and Mr. Hurt that teach math as well, and are both great teachers. Then there is the Angel that resides on our hallway, Mrs. Demoll. If the kids have been through her history class they know their stuff!!! She is an amazing, caring teacher... Plus she can throw a Prom like no ones business!! Oh, and Ms. LaJack, she doesn't reside on our hallway, but we really like her and all the cool things that she inspires her students to create. I really wish I could take her art class!!! We also have many other teachers that give 110% and do an awesome job, a great Curriculum Coordinator, Vice Principal, and Principal!!! Oh, and to not forget the people who help us keep it all together, the office secretaries and janitors. Well I'm off to bed so that I can get up and go to work.  -Till Tomorrow

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The President Came to Town...

   So it seems that we only get on the map if some crazy destruction happens to us down here in lil south Louisiana. Today the President of the United States found himself in Venice, LA. I'm sure that as he drove "down the road" he was thinking, "I didn't even think LA. want this far down into the the Gulf...are we almost in Cuba??" We're all praying that they can cap this thing off and things can go back to normal. We sure don't want to see the seafood industry be destroyed due to this and as of right now fishing has been suspended. Praying for all of fishermen and their families as well as the people who's family lost loved ones in the rig explosion. Besides all the hoopla about the President coming to town it was a pretty quiet Sunday. So I got a quick shot as the President drove by.  -Till Tomorrow
Yep, thats Him

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dinner, Movie...and Now Some Work

   I got to sleep in this morning and then went to town to meet up with Amy for dinner and a movie. We went to Zea's and had some great food! Love their hummus!! Then we went to see The Backup Plan, it was funny. Not the best movie ever but ok. I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Lopez, the girl just can't act. After that I had to make a stop at Target and then headed home. Now I'm trying to get some of this work graded. Was going to do it last night but ended up talking on the phone most of the night. This coming week is going to be pretty busy. Mon-School day, Tue-Honor Roll Assembly, Thur-Professional Development, Fri-Senior Exams and their last day, and Sat-Going to the Aquarium. So, back to grading. -Till Tomorrow