Monday, May 24, 2010

Cupcakes Tonight

Mixing it up
   So now that I have more time, since the school year is almost over, I have been doing some baking and cooking. I tried a new cupcake recipe tonight, it was not the best. I will probably go back to my old recipe, just wasn't impressed with this new one. It made a heavy cupcake and I like mine light and moist. I LOVE cupcakes, if you didn't already know this, cupcakes cure all! I also had a really cute new apron that my Mom bought for me and my sister made all cute. If your going to cook, cook in style I say.

How cute is this apron!

 Tonight, after making the cupcakes and cleaning up the kitchen I watched the last Law & Order. They are not going to have the regular Law & Order in New York. It was canceled, but it seems they have a new one coming out in the fall. Seems that they are going to have Law & Order in LA. Tonight's show hit home for me, it was about teachers and one of them that was pushed to the limits it brought me to tears. There was a school shooting and it showed the teachers helping the students and the kids looking to the teachers. It also showed the side of how easy it is for students to accuse a teacher of things that never happened. It reminded me of the Huge responsibility that I have and how I have to always be on guard while still be compassionate. Today I got a wonderful card and gift from two of my students, the card was so sweet and made my year. 
You know you want one
I have to say after watching tonight's Law & Order I am so thankful for the school that I teach at. I never worry that I student will hit me or that I will go to work and be in danger. I am thankful for all of our parents that support us teachers and our administration that  is there for us. Today we had a great little party to congratulate four of our teachers. One is having a baby, two got married recently and one gets married next month. So we all got together and brought some party food, pitched in and got a cake and had a good time celebrating together. That's what makes the hard days bearable, knowing that you have friends that care about you and are there to encourage and support you. I'm blessed to have found a place that does that! 
So tomorrow is the students last day and I only have to give one exam. I pretty much have all of me stuff ready for our last day check out that we are required to do, so I just need to post a few grades and I'm good to go.  -Till Tomorrow

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Allenia Allen said...

Love the apron! I would love to share with you some of my favortie recipes! Enjoying keeping up with you blog.