Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dinner, Movie...and Now Some Work

   I got to sleep in this morning and then went to town to meet up with Amy for dinner and a movie. We went to Zea's and had some great food! Love their hummus!! Then we went to see The Backup Plan, it was funny. Not the best movie ever but ok. I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Lopez, the girl just can't act. After that I had to make a stop at Target and then headed home. Now I'm trying to get some of this work graded. Was going to do it last night but ended up talking on the phone most of the night. This coming week is going to be pretty busy. Mon-School day, Tue-Honor Roll Assembly, Thur-Professional Development, Fri-Senior Exams and their last day, and Sat-Going to the Aquarium. So, back to grading. -Till Tomorrow

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