Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Good Day

   I had a really good day today! I went to the Aquarium and spent a fun day in the city. I didn't remember my camera so no pics of the day. I also went to go see "The Clash of the Titian's," it was ok but not the best movie. Some people compared it to a mix between 300 and Troy. Well I own both of these movies and I would never compare it to Troy for sure!   
   I'm so jealous of my friend Rachel and that she is leaving for her yearly trip to Mexico. I loved Mexico when I was there for my cruise and would love to go and stay longer. 
   So it seems that they thought they had the fix for the oil leak, but what they tried didn't work. Now they are going back to the drawing board and try to figure out what they can do at that deep. I hope that they figure it out soon and things don't get worse. If the oil reaches the shore there will be a lot of destruction and many of our beaches will not be a place for summer visits.

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