Monday, May 3, 2010

   I had a really good day! I enjoyed my day and happened to see some friends of mine. I love that I work with such a fun bunch of people and that we all love our jobs!! So here is a really 
cute pic of me and my own life size Polly Pocket (aka Courtney)
I just have to say that we have some really talented teachers at SPHS. Heidi Stallings has done an awesome job teaching English and wish I was in her class when she taught Romeo and Juliet, her kids were wearing masks and each playing a part, HOW FUN is that!!! And Courtney Mistich, who also teaches English, was teaching Frankinstine and had her students make these Awesome Frankenfolios. Looked like so much FUN!!!! We have an awesome math teacher, Sammie Drury, who I think could even teach me math and that's saying a lot!!!! Plus her kids do these cool activities, I never did fun activities in math :( We also have Mrs. Rollins (the cutest pregnant teacher!!!!!) and Mr. Hurt that teach math as well, and are both great teachers. Then there is the Angel that resides on our hallway, Mrs. Demoll. If the kids have been through her history class they know their stuff!!! She is an amazing, caring teacher... Plus she can throw a Prom like no ones business!! Oh, and Ms. LaJack, she doesn't reside on our hallway, but we really like her and all the cool things that she inspires her students to create. I really wish I could take her art class!!! We also have many other teachers that give 110% and do an awesome job, a great Curriculum Coordinator, Vice Principal, and Principal!!! Oh, and to not forget the people who help us keep it all together, the office secretaries and janitors. Well I'm off to bed so that I can get up and go to work.  -Till Tomorrow


Anonymous said...

wow!!!!! you really loveeeee your job, huh?? :)

Anonymous said...

I did really like Polly Pocket when I was a kid!