Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A new sprout

   I know it doesn't look like much but that is a new leaf that has appeared on my orchid. I have been babying this plant forever and it has bloomed twice but then just seemed to stop doing anything. Then all of a sudden it got this new lil leaf, and to think I thought it was dying. So now I have been watching its progress...I know, a blog post about a sprouting leaf but this is it for me. So tomorrow I won't be at school again. I wonder if it will cause such a hoopla as it did on Monday? I guess it will if people make it out to be. I do know that my kids were sad to here that they would be with a Sub for another day. I did get the new fish tank cleaned and will be picking up the new fish that they want for the classroom. They told me that since we have Tigris and Euphrates (the fish), that the new fish needs to be a long fish that we could name Nile and I could pick the other one to name Volga. So I guess I will get them tomorrow. Today was my last full day with my seniors. They just have their exams left and then they are gone. I know that they are happy and I wish them all the best of luck as they move on to the next season of their lives. They will be missed, they are are great group of kids! Next week I have Student Council officer elections, always fun to see how that turns out. Its also when I find out who I will be working with for the whole school year. Well I just don't know how it always seems to happen but It's almost 11pm!! I come home from school and I'm exhausted and I'm like, "I'm going to bed early tonight!" But then its as if I get some strange second wind and I'm up till midnight. Well I'm going to call it a night and try to get to bed at least before it turn 11.  -Till Tomorrow

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typew in dark lettering it is hard to read in that funny yellow luv mama