Monday, May 17, 2010

It Just May Stay That Way Forever...

   My fabulous sister Lydia monogrammed me this cute new school bag. She told me that she hoped that I wanted Ms. Latham on it because she had already done it. I told her that Ms. Latham was fine since it seems that as of right now it may be the ONLY last name I will ever have. There are a few good guys out there, but none seem to be my right guy. Latham may be the only name I sign. A lot of people seem to think that I want it this way, that if I wanted it to be different then I would make it happen. Well I just won't settle! I also believe that when its supposed to happen it will. So I will continue to sign Ms. Latham, enjoy life while doing it, and keep my eye open just in case I happen across "Mr. Right For Me".
  So enough of that, today was a fun Monday. I gave a test and pretty much finished up my units and now my kids just have to finish up their final project. We will be working on that and reviewing for the final exam the rest of this week. After school I went down to the gym to help decorate for graduation. Courtney and Marlena did an awesome job today. Things are really coming together and I know that all of us will breath a little easier after tomorrow night. Well I'm off to bed, its going to be a very long day tomorrow! 
-Till Tomorrow 
Cutest School Bag Thanks to My Lil Sis


Rhonda Latham said...

sweet dreams lil girl luv mom

Jessica Blood said...

LOVE, the bag. It's so cute. I wish had a monogram machine, I told Daniel if I ever get one to look out I'm gonna monogram everything from underwear to key chains.
And I'm still praying and believing for the last name!!

Allenia Allen said...

I love the bag! I totally want one! Maybe when I come home in September we can beet up and I can pay Lydia to do one for me....with just my surname... Allen on it.

Can we plan to get together maybe on a weekened...I will have to let you know what dates I will be in South LA.

As for the last name thing...I think it is fine to be picky and not settle. God has the perfect partner for you and in HIS perfect timing he will come round...and it will happen just the way it is suppose to..believe me my husband is God's grace and gift to me. I couldn't have asked for more. Praying with you and for you. Lots of love.