Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It was a Good Night and a Slow Day

   Last night was our High School Graduation and it was very nice! Courtney and Marlena did an Awesome job! All of the kids did really good and we had no crazy mishaps, thank God. I was so touched when the Salutatorian mentioned me in her speech. She said that when she thought of teachers that had motivated her that I was one that came to mind. I have to say that I teared up. I will miss our group of seniors, they were a really good group of kids. 
    Today everyone was really dragging and really tired! But I think all of us, especially Courtney, Marlena, and myself, all were breathing a little easier now that we have graduation behind us. Only 1 more full day left to go and then 3 half days and Summer Break here we come!!! So thank God for coffee today and it was such a beautiful day that I left my classroom door open for most of the day. If you have never seen our school we have an open campus. Which I like on days like today and hate on the days that it storms. It seemed that I walked the halls a good bit today, so my pic below gives you a small look at where I spend most of my days...South Plaq. High.     -Till Tomorrow
Welcome to the Twilight Zone...aka Work

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