Friday, May 21, 2010

Its Friday, Its Friday...yay yay Its Friday!

   Its also laundry day. I haven't washed in over two weeks and it was well overdue!! So after coming home from my half day of work, yep thats right two in a row baby, I felt that some tanning was in order. So I soaked up some rays while Jack Johnson added the final touch to the summer ambiance. After a lil toasting I decided that it was time to tackle the mountain of dirty clothes in desperate need of my attention. So got that started then decided to take a stroll to the back by my Dad who was working on the house. My parents are building a house, well I like to call it a mini Fort Knox but anyway, and my Dad is either at work, at church, sleeping, or working on the house. Its been a slow process and he has done most of the work himself and I will be so happy when he is done. Today was his Birthday so I thought I would go and spend some time with him. I have to say that I was blessed with the most Awesome Dad...I'm just saying. I thank God for him all the time and pray that God lets him stay around long enough to see me married and with kids one day. Sometimes I think he prays for me to meet someone more then I do. Its amazing to me the way that he loves me and wants me to be happy, I am truly a blessed daughter to have such a great father. Happy Birthday Daddy! Well after some bonding time on top the house, yeah their house is pretty much flood proof since its 23 feet in the air, I was back to washing and folding clothes. Cleaned up around the house and took care of some paperwork. I also went online and looked up trips to D.C. and think thats where I'm going to take a trip to this summer. Not sure just yet but trying to make some plans. Well its way late and I have a full day tomorrow. Going down the bayou to see some of my college friends and celebrate my friend Katie's engagement.   -Till Tomorrow

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Jessica Blood said...

I love that zebra towel, I want me one of those.
Your dad is awesome, please tell him happy b-day for me(not that he knows me). If someone just happens to stumble across your blog they are gonna see your heart, and just how great you are. Then I think they are gonna ask themselves where has she been all my life.??
Prayin for you, him, and the babies.