Sunday, May 23, 2010

A little cooking and some baking

   I did a little cooking and baking today. Contrary to popular belief I do like to cook and bake, I just don't have to do it often due to the fact that most of my family all cook. My sister has a knack for it and well my mom's cooking is Awesome. Even my both of my brothers are really good cooks. But today I was in the kitchen, I made some chicken salad sandwiches for school tomorrow and while I was boiling the eggs I figured I could add a few more eggs to the water and make some Deviled Eggs for lunch, there my Dad's favorite. While waiting on the eggs to boil I noticed that we had some really ripe bananas and none of us eat bananas once they get ripe, we're all green banana eaters. So I decided to make some banana muffins. I didn't have a banana muffin recipe, so I did what we do with everything today I Googled it. Thanks to the world wide web I found this great recipe and a great site Cat Can Cook. She has a lot of great easy recipes, and I have to say that the muffin one was super easy and they are Really good! Today was a nice relaxing day and I can feel the summer break feeling already starting to set in. Only two more days for the kids and then one teacher day to finalize grades and get everything ready for summer. I have a very full week this week, giving exams, finalizing  everything at work, I have to turn in some license plates which means a trip to the DMV (praying that they haven't flagged my insurance!!!), a doctors appointment on Thursday, meeting for the summer camp I'm working, and going to try and go to BR to watch one of my nephew's baseball game. Should be a fun first week off.   -Till Tomorrow

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