Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looking to be a non traveling summer for me :(

   I have tried and tried, but it just seems that I will not be traveling out of the country this summer...I'm bummed! But oh well, I guess I will live. I am going to try and get in a dive trip I just don't know when. So, since I'm not going anywhere this summer I'm going to start saving up for next summer. This will be the first summer that I have not gone somewhere. 
   This weekend went by so fast! Can't believe that tomorrows Monday already. This year has gone by so fast, and I still can't believe that this is our last full week of school. I think that the block schedule has made things seem to move by faster then normal. Can't believe that I will finish up my second year of teaching. Who knows what the new school year will bring, I do know that each year it seems to get easier and thats a relief. Well I really need to get to bed so I can start this week off good. Only 7 more days to go and summer break is here!!!
-Till Tomorrow

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