Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Matter How Small

   I remind myself this at work all the time...even when they don't act like "person's" more like lil crazed maniacs. Since my Seniors are done and have left I don't have a 2nd or 3rd period class and then that goes right into lunch. So I teach at 1st and 4th and it seems that the day goes by slow. I'm not complaining, I'm getting a lot done and hoping to get even more done next week. I'm teaching less but I'm more exhausted then ever. Right now I'm about to fall asleep. So on that note... -Till Tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the day being slow. I have 1st then 3rd off. I wish I could find out what I am teaching next year, so I can plan for the weeks I am going to be off. They always change what I am teaching, so I can never be too sure. --- Nora