Monday, May 10, 2010

Observation Today!

   So I had my formal observation today and things went good. Basically my Principal comes in to my classroom and stays the whole class period to observe how I teach and manage my classroom. They have this crazy observation sheet that they fill out and then they meet with you after and tell you if you are going to be rehired. My kids were great, as always (well I did have a few out), and my lesson was pretty good. He said I did great, and there was only one thing that I needed to work on for next time. So I signed my paperwork and was told that I would be rehired for next year. So as of now thats what I'm doing, going to sign another year long contract with the Plaquemines Parish School Board. I had applied with the Dept. of Defense to teach overseas, but I haven't heard anything from them. I'm not so sure what I would do if I did. If they called me and asked me to teach in Greece or Spain I'm not sure what I would do Hmmm.....???? That would be a bridge I would cross if I got to it. But who wants to pass up a chance to live and work in another culture and to see a place like that not as simple a tourist but as a resident. But who knows??? I still have a lot to see around here. But I can say that at least I tried, I put in the applications and told God to do the rest.    -Till Tomorrow
My kid's Countdown Till Summer

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