Sunday, May 2, 2010

The President Came to Town...

   So it seems that we only get on the map if some crazy destruction happens to us down here in lil south Louisiana. Today the President of the United States found himself in Venice, LA. I'm sure that as he drove "down the road" he was thinking, "I didn't even think LA. want this far down into the the Gulf...are we almost in Cuba??" We're all praying that they can cap this thing off and things can go back to normal. We sure don't want to see the seafood industry be destroyed due to this and as of right now fishing has been suspended. Praying for all of fishermen and their families as well as the people who's family lost loved ones in the rig explosion. Besides all the hoopla about the President coming to town it was a pretty quiet Sunday. So I got a quick shot as the President drove by.  -Till Tomorrow
Yep, thats Him

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Anonymous said...

how do you know that was the suv he was in