Wednesday, May 26, 2010

   Today was my last day of work before my holiday (I like calling it that, it sounds so British). My picture for today is of a gift and card that two of my students gave me. It was so sweet of them and the card made me tear up.
I thought today was going to be a quick day, sign some papers, finalize some grades and then be on my way. But before going to work I had to make a visit to the local DMV to turn in some plates. Now our local DMV is only open on Wednesday, and I was told to get there at 7am to get in line for when they open at 8:30. So I get there and and wait...yeah, they don't open till 9! But once they open I'm the first in line and thankfully I just have to turn in the plates and there are no fees to pay, I was so Happy about that since I had heard one man say that he had to pay almost $200 for late plates. Once I'm done with that I'm then on to work and hoping to do my quick check out...that did not happen! I was pretty much done with everything just needed to call the parents of the students that failed my class and send failure letters as well. I also had to finalize my grades and do a printout. So did everything I could do and then waited for the grades to come from the alternative school for some of my students that got sent there. So I waited, and waited and still no grades. I talked to the office and they didn't have any and so I kept myself busy cleaning out papers and students work. I made my calls, filled out my letters and checked again and still no grades!! So then it was lunch time and Courtney, Sammie, Heidi, and I went to find food. After a great lunch at Ann's, I'm thinking I will get back and find grades waiting for me but Nope. Finally, I get the grades and get to finalize my grades and do my check out. What was supposed to be a quick last day turned into me not leaving till 2:00!!  -Till Tomorrow 

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