Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coffee Time

    Ok, so if you don't know me I Love coffee!!! I just brewed a some and I'm enjoying a nice cup as I type this. I'm a fan of flavored coffees, but as an everyday coffee Community New Orleans blend with chicory is the best!

I Love Coffee-mate's Italian Sweet Cream creamer and I'm so upset because it seems that its in high demand and I can't find it. I hate when that happens, you fall in love with a particular product and then all of a sudden you can't find it anymore. That has happened with my Sparkling Green Tea. Tomorrow will be our last day of camp. We are doing a final lunch together at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro, should be a fun day tomorrow. Well I'm going knit for awhile and watch a movie. I'm working on a throw for myself, I don't have anything for myself that I've knitted. I love the yarn that I'm using, its what I call the "Gucci" of yarn. I will have to post a pic of how its coming along.   -Till Tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

we need to buy a case of the sweet italian cream mom