Monday, June 7, 2010

A Culinary Experience

   Today the camp did a tour of Delgado city park campus. We got a wonderful welcome from the Culinary dept.  who talked to us and helped us make our own pizzas for lunch. We got to use their wonderful kitchen and had some very help culinary professors that assisted us. The girls also got to decorate really cute flower cookies! Everyone had fun and the pizzas came out awesome!!! Then we were back on the bus heading back to South Plaq. I have to say that I hate riding a school bus!
   After getting home I cleaned up around the house, knitted some, and played around with my camera some. Well tomorrow were back on the bus to go show the girls how they can become an EMT. A few pics below that I took today, still learning all that the camera does.   -Till Tomorrow

She is to Cute!!

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