Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer...

My Dad's Big Baby
    It is stinking HOT...summer is here! Today was another day of sitting in a seminar, at least today I felt like I got some strategies that I can use in my classroom. I also used our breaks to organize my lessons and folders as well as pretty much got my first week of lesson plans done for my Geography class. I'm going to be getting together with the art teacher and looking over the art curriculum in preparation for me teaching Fine Art Survey. I'm really hoping that I can get rid of the desks in my classroom and get tables and chairs. The seminar is a train-the-trainer seminar, so that means that what I am learning I can go back and deliver to my faculty at my school. So in preparation for this, tomorrow we have to do a 10 min. presentation...I'm not really excited about this at all. I have found that some of the most annoying people can be other teachers! Only tomorrow and half a day of Fri. and thank God I'm done and can finally start my summer break. So ready so sleep in! Well I'm going watch the news, I want to find out whats going on with that tropical storm out there, and then off to bed.   
-Till Tomorrow  

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awww....thats such a good pic of sambeaux!