Friday, June 4, 2010


   Its Friday and one week of camp is past me, one week left to go. This week went by pretty fast and I think next week will be the same. Today we had two officers from the sheriffs office come and speak to the girls and do a self defense class with them, it was really good! After getting home from the camp I've spent the rest of the afternoon playing with my new GPS, chatting with friends on Facebook and cleaning up around my house. I did find out some really great news, I'm going to be teaching World Geography and a Fine Arts class in the fall. I'm so excited to be able to teach a Fine Arts class!!! I love my geog. class but I got certified in art last year and I'm super excited about Fine Arts because its a little bit of everything. I'm such a dork but I'm looking forward to the new school year. I love the first week of school and the week before. The week before is when I'm organizing and setting up my classroom, which to me is one of the best parts about teaching. 
I will be happy when this camp is over and I can start my summer break. I really Hate that all this oil spill junk is messing with our wetlands and beaches! To me its just not a summer break till you have a visit to the beach, but it seems that won't be happening this year. I still can't believe that they haven't been able to plug the leak, its just unbelievable to me that they can't figure something out!    -Till Tomorrow

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