Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting ready

   I'm going on a road trip and have been so busy getting everything ready for it. I didn't take any pics today besides the one for my "What I Wore Wednesday." I'm so excited to be going on this trip, this is the first summer in 4 years that I have not gone out of the country for a summer vacation. So if I can't go out of the country then I'm going out of state. So to the Grand Canyon I go!!!!! I'm super excited about going see the Canyon and all of the stops along the way. My best friend Rachel is going with me and we have been talking about doing this forever. Its a great time to do it, both of us have been so busy with our careers and living so far apart makes it hard to get together as much as we used to. So this will be a good trip for us. The last road trip, I use that word loosely here, was when we drove to Destine way back in '05. So this should be interesting...  -Till Tomorrow
Flashback-Road Trip/Family Vacation Destine '05

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Tony Putman said...

Have fun! Just don't fall into the canyon! ha!