Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Day of Professional Development

   Yeah!! Today was the last day of my week long Professional Development, and the best part was that it was just a half day. I was happy to have the rest of the day to get some things done and I went to go see a movie. I went to see the Prince of Persia, it was really good and I liked the way that it ended. I also ordered a new lens for my camera. I was so excited that I found it, and the converter need for it, on sale! I'm super excited to see what I can do with this new lens.
   After running my errands I came home and spent the rest of the night reading a mystery that I downloaded thanks to the Kindle app for my iPod touch. They also have it for my laptop as well, I just love that I can have a book at the touch of a button. Also, when I got home I had some mail and one of the packages was a CD with the pictures from my dives that I did in Belize. The pictures where taken by one of the guys that was on the trip with us and he also took some video as well. He said that he would be sending the video soon and I will post it as soon as I get it. So my pics for today are from my dive trip...Enjoy!   -Till Tomorrow 
Belize Dive Trip

Clearing my mask

Group Photo 80 feet below. That's me on the front left  

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