Friday, June 11, 2010

Last Day of WOW Camp

My Girls and I
Today was our last day of camp and it has been a good two weeks. We had our final lunch together at the Cheesecake Bistro and the girls got to practice their table etiquette that they learned yesterday. It was a great end to a good two weeks. I believe that all of the girls walked away having a better understanding of themselves and the opportunities that are open to them. For some of them these past two weeks let them see that they have opportunities and choices, and if they set their mind to it they can do whatever they want to be a successful young women. I hope that the all got to tuck away some of the life lessons that were shared with them by some of the strong women that spoke into their lives over the past days. I had a good time as well, I got to meet some great women that work in our community.  I also learned that you can find something good in just about anyone, you just have to look.
   Well I get the weekend to relax and then come Monday I start a week of professional development. Tomorrow I'm meeting friends for coffee and running a few errands in town. Besides that its a pretty uneventful weekend...   -Till Tomorrow

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