Monday, June 28, 2010

My Lil Man

One Cool Dude

   So yesterday on my way home from the wedding I got a call, it was my lil nephew Max (he's 6). He had come home with my Mom after his baseball games that he played in N.O. When he got to the house he wanted to know where his Nan Syl was. So he called me to tell me that he couldn't wait till I got home. Because he was not planning to go home with Grandma his Mom hadn't packed him any clothes, so it was a trip to Wal-Mart to get him some play clothes. He was so excited and wanted to tell me that he had gotten a Italy soccer shirt. He said that he got the Italy shirt because that was where I loved to go on my precious is that!! I really don't know what I did that this kid loves me so much and why me and him have this bond that I'm not even sure where it came from. He makes me feel like the really cool Nan Syl that he thinks I am. He is such an awesome lil guy. Today we were playing the Wii, and he doesn't like to lose at all, and he won the first game and then I won the second. Well he got mad and just started throwing gutter balls. So he wanted to play another game and I told him that I didn't want to play if he was going to be such a sore loser. So he got mad and went and pouted while I went in the kitchen. So I'm in the kitchen talking to my Mom and I hear him yelling from the other room, "Nan Syl you broke my heart!" The kid cracks me up!!! I broke his heart...well he came and found me and gave me a paper that he had drawn a heart on. And then wanted to make sure that he was going to sit by me at dinner. He's just to cute! So my pics are some of my favs of him and me.
He loves his coffee almost as much as his Nanny does
-Till Tomorrow

He loves to bake cookies!

Loves to Roast Marshmallows...well the kids a Latham, he just loves fire!
Freezing our butts off! But he wanted to be outside so thats what we did.
Making Faces

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