Friday, June 25, 2010

Not Getting Attached

   So if you live in South Louisiana you know what June 1st signifies, hurricane season. Now, having gone through Katrina and losing everything, this time of the year makes a person a little uneasy. We all have been watching the weather channel and this tropical depression that is out there and praying that it goes away. And if you live down here you totally understand all that is involved in having to pack up and leave if a storm is on its way. Today I went and located all of my rubbermaid buckets so in case we have to pack up. After going through Katrina I replaced all of my stuff and when doing this I wanted to make sure that what I got I wasn't to attached to it. Prior to Katrina I had a ton of really awesome stuff, like this cute red couch, a ton of antiques and things that had sentimental value. Well after I lost it all I was really mad and upset and mad at myself for being upset about losing stuff. I decided that I didn't want to be like that again and that I didn't want to become attached to things. I also decided that the stuff that I would buy would be stuff like clothes and jewelry because you can pack that up pretty easily in the case of an evacuation. I have do have some really cute things and there are some things that I will pack, but for the most part I don't really have any big items like I did before. We will continue to watch and pray that God spares us from another hurricane season, especially with all of this oil spill junk we sure don't need a storm. 
 But on a much brighter note, I found a new coffee mug and thought I would share.
-Till Tomorrow   


Jessica Blood said...

No but it can make you look pregnant!

syllatham said...

Haha!! so true but you can always lose a few are there forever!

Denise said...

does the other side of it read "but too much of it can make you look like your pregnant." that's been my experience.

looks like jessica was thinking the same thing.

kids are there forever, but mine share their chocolate. :-)

i would be very sad if i lost a red couch.

syllatham said...

Hahaha!!! I did love that red couch! and no the mug didn't include the pego comment :)