Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not your typical Tuesday

   Today was the 2nd day of WOW camp and we took the girls on a tour of the hospital and then we went to a kickboxing class. It was a really good day! The kickboxing class was awesome, an hour long fast paced workout that was fun. I have a feeling that I will be sore tomorrow. After camp I came home and started working on consolidating my students loans so that I can do the teacher loan forgiveness program. How it works is that you consolidate your loans into a direct ED loan and then they reduce your monthly payments to very little. You then teach for 10 years and they forgive what is left of your loan at the end of the 10 years. Now its an all or nothing program, but I figure I already have 2 years in so only 8 to go. Doing the paperwork was horrendous, I think they make it hard so you will give up and not go for it but did not deter me! I did have to have a few cups of coffee to help me along the way but I made it through and got it all filled out and signed. My pic of the day is one of my favorite coffee mugs, my motto is drink lots of coffee and do it in cute mugs!!!   -Till Tomorrow  

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