Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Makes Me Smile

   Today was the first day that I got to sleep in and it was so nice! I'm so excited that this coming week I have nothing planned!! Ahhh my summer break has started!! I didn't really do anything today. I woke up at 11 and then made a pot of coffee and finished the book I had started last night. While making my cup of coffee I used one of my new favorite coffee cups that I just love! I then decided to take some pictures of the different things that make me Smile.    Enjoy    -Till Tomorrow

                            Things that make me Smile
Love this mug! And don't you just love my sweet-in-low holder
LOVE LOVE my canisters
Love this picture of us on the Ferris wheel in Prague...always makes me smile :)
This was given to me after I got a $250 ticket for parking in a handicap spot at my apartment on campus...I ended up not having to pay the fine but only after I appealed it...I had a good reason I promise
Like my antique clocks
Love all of my magnets from my trips and the kiddie letters
Great Pic of me and my Dad in China and Love the gnome and mushrooms! Don't know why but I just like mushrooms and gnomes.
This plate was given to me by my supervising teacher, she would call me the cupcake fairy because I loved to bring cupcakes to class all the time...still love cupcakes!
Told you I liked friend Amy found this ornament (i collect them as well) in Mexico. Think its so funny to see a manger scene in a mushroom.
Love me some cherries...Summer food makes me Smile!
One of my favorite verses and the crazy lil bird makes me smile
If you live in South Plaquemines you have to have a pair of boots and when I have to wear them I really need a reason to smile and these give me one...I'm also noticing that a lot of the things that make me smile have polka dots hmm?
Found this at T J Maxx and got it for super cheap because one of the legs in the back was broken, I fixed it have loved it since I found it...always makes me smile to know that I got a $70 dollar item for $15!!
This is what my lil cabinet jewelry collection, which all makes me Smile!
This candy dish makes me smile because it brings back such great memories. It was my grandmothers and my grandpa always kept it full of Hershey Kisses, or as he called them Silver Bells.


Jessica Blood said...

I enjoyed the post, all of your things made me smile.I especially love the polka dots, those canisters are so cute!! You have such cute, and meaningful things.

syllatham said...

Thanks Jess and you always have such wonderful comments!

Anonymous said...

i love cherries too, and i'm so glad i got u tht ornament, its hilarious!