Tuesday, June 22, 2010


    Wow, can't believe that its already 8:30 pm...where did the day go. I did nothing today!! I played on the computer, watched some TV, played with my niece a little, looked at stuff on ebay, talked with my parents about the storm that is out there that we need to watch, and thats about it. I have to bring my car in tomorrow morning to get checked, the check engine light has been coming on so going get that checked out. Then on Thur. I have to be back to town for a 9:45 doctors appointment. Then Sunday me and Sammie are going to go to Heidi's wedding.  Well I'm going shower and then watching Law & Order CI. I know right, what a wild and crazy life I lead...haha!!! Oh well thats the life I lead.   -Till Tomorrow

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