Monday, June 21, 2010

You Just Never Know What You've Got

   Sometimes we just don't know what we have or how good we have it and we get a lil nudge that reminds us. So my pics are of this really cool necklace that my friend Amy got me while she was in Greece. I thought it was really cool the way it was when I got it. I remember her mentioning something about it being made from old coins but really didn't think to much about it. Well I decided to see what I had and to take a polishing cloth to the necklace. Boy was I ever in for a surprise!!! After a while of rubbing and polishing I was rewarded with the very awesome necklace on the right. It was amazing to see the difference that some polishing made, you could even see that they are coins! I loved it before, but loving it even more now! I just didn't really know what I had. 
   So I am enjoying my first real week off since the summer break started. I have to say that I do miss a routine. Today I didn't get up till almost 1! I then felt like I needed to do something productive so I figured no better time to go to the school and make copies of my Geography binder. Last week while at my professional development I met the social studies teacher from Phoenix, a school across the river that is smaller then ours, if you can believe that. She told me that she has 7 preps this year, meaning she teaches all of the social studies classes and has 7 different lesson plans to do... I would Die!!!!! I thought I had it bad with 3 different preps last year, thats nothing compared to this poor girl. Well anyway she asked if I would mind sending her what I had for Geog. since she had never taught it before. I told her that I would send her whatever I could to help her. That is by far the one thing that I have learned as a teacher, you beg, borrow, steal, share, and adjust lessons and activities. I was more then happy to help her since I have been helped so many times! My supervising teacher, the Great Zana, taught me that as teachers were only as good as those around us. Now this Geog. binder has been the work of two years of teaching Geog. and saving and adjusting as I went. Now I have what I call my Geog. bible. I also wanted to have an extra copy of my binder just in case of some freaky accident, its representative of a lot of work and would hate if anything would happen to it. So off to the school I went and to the copy machine. Wow! I have some stuff in that binder. Got it all copied and made an extra one for myself to keep her at the house, you know just in case. After that I came home had dinner with the family and then spent some time watching TV and Facebooking. Well who knows what tomorrow will bring, I have no plans and the weather is calling for rain. Sounds like a good day for reading. -Till Tomorrow

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