Thursday, July 22, 2010

ChAngeS, BiG ChaNgeS

I'm sure you noticed by now that I have over hauled my blog. I was ready for a change and I'm LOVING it!!!! I just love the picture that I found for my new header and I found this Stinking Awesome site that lets you edit pics and its super easy...always a bonus! 
So tell me what you think, any suggestions or changes that need to be made. I LOVE getting comments...still can't believe that anyone reads this. 
On another note, I worked on my blog all night and have gotten zip done for my presentation (but the blog is cute so I guess thats a great excuse...right?) Well my butt is going to have to kick into over drive come Monday morning. I have two more days of camp, a Birthday party in BR and then I will be washing and unpacking most of my Sunday. So much to do so little time to do it in. 

I was super excited to get to have dinner with my dearest, sweetest friend Brandon. Hmm...If only.
It was so good to see him and hang out, then we went for a walk around campus and talked and it was so nice. 
Well its way past my much needed bed time!! 
-Till Tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

i DON'T LIKE THE BROWN USE GREEN BUT CUTE OTHERWISE sophie crawls really cute see ya soon mom