Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home at Last

The Birthday Girl
   Today was a full day. I taught this morning and then after teaching and loading up all of my stuff I drove to Baton Rouge. I had to go by the School Aids store and then on to my niece Molly's Birthday Party. She was so cute, as always! Both of my nieces are Huge Mickey & Minnie Mouse fans and so it was a Minnie Mouse Party! It was really good to see the family and get to spend some time with my niece and nephew. I ended up staying for a while and then decided I had better head home before the bad weather came through. Thank God that I was not having to evacuate, and that Bonnie turned into nothing! I know that we are all praying that we don't have to evacuate at all this hurricane just really messes things up!
Well I was in beast mode when I got home and got everything unpacked and put away. The suitcases are stored away since all of my summer trips are over. I really feel like I haven't had a break! Well I'm off to bed so I can get up and get to work on my stuff for my meetings before church.
Oh, and check out the Awesome cake and cupcakes that my sister in-law made...Watch out Ace of Cakes!
-Till Tomorrow


briblakney said...

I think it's funny that you feel like you "haven't had a break..." I know you've been working (and getting paid extra for all you've done)...that's usually how the summer goes. You would have died sitting home all summer though.

By the way...I'm quite impressed with Jenny's work!!!

keriarmstrong said...

You do need to take a day this week or next and not worry about anything....except for Sylvia! Maybe watch movies, mani-pedi, etc... Don't think about anything you have to do or should be doing -JUST ENJOY!