Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Regroup and Refocus

   I'm back to the place where I need to regroup and reevaluate. Let me just share a little, I'm in debt, a good bit of debt. Now I know, your probably thinking "who isn't?" But I want to get out from under this, and I was doing so good but it never fails that just when I'm doing good I fall off the wagon. I need to change my thinking, I need to start thinking like I don't have money! I have to change my spending habits and ground my nomading self, that part of me that always feels the pull of the travel bug. I have to set my goals firmly in my mind and not waiver. I have to get this under control!
    So here's a pic of my new find. Its this great old typing table that my Mom has had in storage for awhile, it just needed to be cleaned up. I'm super excited, its going to be perfect for my classroom. I've been wanting something to hold all of my copies and with its wheels it will be great to roll around the front of my class. You see I make all of my copies at one time, sometimes a few days in advance, and like to have a place to lay them out so they stay organized by class, subject, and day. This will work out great and it cost me zip!!! Plus, I just love its red color and its just too cute even with its dings and dents (adds character I say).

    I just finished this book and it was great! If your looking for a good book to read pick this one up.
A few of my favorites quotes from the book are below.
"He does not reveal his glory for His good. We need to witness it for ours."
"If life is "just a moment," can't we endure any challenge for a moment?  We can be sick for just a moment. We can be lonely just a moment. We can be persecuted for just a moment. We can struggle for just a moment. Can't we? Can't we wait for our peace? It's not about us anyway. And it's certainly not about now."
"His plan -born in eternity- will withstand any attack of humanity" 
"Cemeteries interrupt the finest families.
Retirement finds the best employees.
Age withers the strongest bodies.
With life comes changes.
But with change comes the reassuring appreciation of heaven's permanence. 
His "firm foundation stands" (2 Tim 2:19)."
"Reduce the human job description down to one phrase, and this is it: Reflect God's Glory"

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Anonymous said...

great blog=love the table is getting used you had good thoughts in your blog and we all have to shake ourselves like Samson did and ask the Lord to come again upon us to help us refocus and regroup = oh by the way going to town tomorrow!!