Sunday, July 4, 2010

It took my breath away

    So I started this 4th of July day at 4:20 am so that I could see the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. I have to say that it was so worth it. I was not in "church" today, but me and God had church on the side of the mountain as I praised Him and thanked Him for all that He does and can do. It was just amazing to stand in such vast beauty and know that He cares about me, a speck of dust. It really was a moving experience and made me so thankful for all I have been blessed with. 
After watching the sunrise and getting some pictures we went back to the hotel and back to bed. Then, after a nice 4 hour nap, we went back to see more of the Grand Canyon. It was just breathtaking, vast, amazing, and beyond what words can truly describe. I am so glad that I did this, that I took the time to come and see this "hole in the ground" as some have described it when I said I was going to see it. 
    After time at the Grand Canyon, not long because it all starts to look the same, we were back on the road and headed to Sedona. It was a nice trip and we stopped a few times, once was below when we stopped to see the Flintstoneville.
    Sadly tomorrow we start to make our way home. We were going to stay with friends tomorrow night that live outside of Phoenix, but Rachel (my traveling buddy) is homesick and ready to head back. Its 19 hours back home so we are doing it in two days. I really have to find myself a traveling buddy. Someone who can turn the phone off, leave everything at home, go for as long as the boss will possible let you off of work and still keep your job, doesn't mind taking the scenic route, likes to spend money, not afraid to stay in something below a 4 star hotel, doesn't mind if I take a thousand pictures, has no kids to worry about or a man for that matter (if they have one he should be able to do for himself and not need to be in constant contact), needs to be a lil adventures, and like good food, heck any food! Now an easy way to fill that order would be for God to just send me a husband that could become my travel buddy...but well we all know that seems to not be happening any time soon. So I guess I'm just going to learn to fly solo and Mom will just have to be ok with me going alone. 
-Till Tomorrow


Anonymous said...

NEVER!!!My blood pressure won't take it. mom

Anonymous said...

I can't be your husband, but I'll sign up to be your traveling buddy!