Monday, July 5, 2010

Three in One Day

We left from Sedona this morning, but not before stopping at this great little cafe for some breakfast. It was the cutest place and some really good food. After eating, restroom break, gassing up the car, and checking the air in the tires (I know, how responsible adult of me) we were back on the road and on our way to Amarillo, TX. Now I have been a bit confused for the most of this trip due to all the time changes. I don't know about you but I didn't know that AZ had their own timezone. So my phone was switching from Central to Mountain, and to Arizona. Well today we drove through all three and finally arrived in our familiar time. So a good night sleep tonight and then up by 7, breakfast, and then on the road and 10 hours of driving to Pineville, LA. So, very funny story. I had just left Sedona and was on the interstate and was doing the speed limit, which is not hard since its mostly 75. Well at the time it was 65, which I was doing, but then turned into 75. So I see a state police car pull behind me and turn on his lights. I was like "what, I wasn't speeding!" Then it hit me, it was my tint on my car thats what it had to he come to the passenger side and has Rach roll the window up about half way. He then pulls out the tint checker and goes to check it but his batteries in it are dead! So he tells me to step out of my car, so I step out and stands where he tells me to and he gets my paper work and starts writing it up. So I'm standing there and I just can't believe that Im getting a ticket for my tint!!!! So I tell him, "I've never had a ticket, I can't believe this!!" He then looks at my license and says "wow that pretty good." So he asked what I was doing in AZ and I told him that I had seen the Grand Canyon and that I was a geography teacher and thought it was something that I should see. So we talked a lil about that, he was cute and had no ring so I thought it was best to use my southern charm. I then told him that I have some cop friends down home and none of them had told me anything about my tint, he said that AZ was really strict about it. He then kind-of laughs and says, "You want to know why I really pulled you over, it wasn't just your tint, you have a nice car with dark tinted windows and out of state plates. I pulled you over because I thought you could be a drug smuggler." When he said that I almost died!!! I was like..."what, no not me I'm a school teacher and she's a nurse...I even found a small bag of weed in the parking lot at school and turned it into the Principal till the cops could come." I then was like "you can search my car I have nothing to hide, really!" He was laughing and said that he figured I wasn't and that he was giving me a warning. He gave me a nice smile and I thanked him and was on my way...HAHA me mistaken for a drug smuggler!!!! Well that was my day.             -Till Tomorrow

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Jessica Blood said...

No Ring?!You should have gotten a number, are at least a facebook friend request. HAHA, can't wait to see you at YMI.