Tuesday, July 27, 2010

   Wow what a day!! I felt like I worked all day but didn't really get all that much done. Don't you hate when it takes you forever to just get setup and to find the tools that you need to get started. That was me today, I spent the whole morning trying to figure out what tools I needed to be able to hang some shelves on my walls at school. We have cement walls so it took me a  few trips to the hardware store and home to get everything that I needed to do the job. Finally, I got the shelves up and then I started to feel a little productive. I even got two small bookcases put together and do a few other things as well. I took a few pictures, its coming together ok but I still has a lot of work left to do. So I go back tomorrow and I'm hoping to knock out the rest. Oh, and I have to go on a hunt tomorrow....seems that someone has had the nerve to steal my electric pencil sharpener!?! I paid for that myself and the culprit will be found! I don't know why I didn't lock it up with the rest of my stuff that I didn't want "walking off." I'm also very excited that I finally got my Powerpoint for my presentation done, now to just get the handouts copied and then I'm done whewww...      -Till Tomorrow
I'm loving my new bookcases!!!!!

My Own lil Mushu

Check out those shelves

Looking at this pic just now it looks like my shelf is a lil off...Oh well, can't sweat the small stuff

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Anonymous said...

Looking good girl! I love all of the artwork/projects you have displayed. I know the feeling, though...I've spent three days in my classroom and didn't feel very productive on any of them although I was there most of the day...and I wasn't even doing manual labor like putting up shelves! But I think I'm about done, good luck w/ your room!
--TeJay Landry