Friday, July 16, 2010

YMI Friday Night

Being transformed into something new in Christ…what does that look like, has it happened to me?

Tonight Sulli Turner spoke on Noah and how he set the spiritual temperature of his time. We have to me thermostats and not thermometers; one sets the temp and makes changes while the other simple reads what is already there. I want to be the kind-of person that makes positive changes in those around me and does not simple move and change because of outside factors. My faith should be at a place were no matter the situation I can stand firm in my salvation and radiate the love and peace of God to those around me.

Change is always happening and we have to be apart of that, we can’t escape it, but it’s how we react and adapt to the change that defines us. I ask myself the question, “ Am I setting the temperature around me?” Are you? The titles of my blog is about seasons and change and how they are both vital parts of life, am I reacting to the changes, the seasons, in my life in a way that shows others my faith in God? Can others see a difference in me? Also, am I treasuring the changes and seasons? Or am I so worried about adjusting to the change that I don’t enjoy it or learn from it. For no matter the change or the season, if we don’t learn from it and the things that happen during it, then it has happened in naught.   -Till Tomorrow

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