Saturday, August 21, 2010

DIY...well kind-of

   So I wrote the other day about how my closet caved in. Well I was waiting for this weekend to tackle the project of fixing it. I knew that it had to get done this weekend due to the fact that I had clothes EVERYWHERE!!! So thanks to my Dad (he's a pretty awesome guy, and can pretty much do everything!), who cut the wood and pipe for me, I was able to install an AWESOME new rod system in my closet. Here is what it looked like...

I then borrowed a feel tools from Dad to get the job done...
    After some measuring, a little glue, and then some screws I now have one very awesome and STRONG clothes rack.
   It may not be the prettiest closet but boy is it strong. My Dad was joking and saying that if I caved this one in it was going to be going through the floor. I'm so very happy with it!!! After getting it all installed and ready to go, it was time to test it out.
    I'm such an OCD nerd...I love organizing my closet. I like for all the clothes to be organized by color and sleeve length. I do have to say that I'm not as OCD as I used to be, now I don't worry about organizing them in brand as well as color and sleeve length. This baby holds so much and I swear I think I could do chin-ups on it and that strong. But this is not my only closet, this just holds my pants, skirts, and shirts. I have two other clothes racks and a few shoe racks.
 This shoe rack holds mostly flip-flops and sandals.

 In my Office/Craft room/Closet, these racks holds dresses and dress shoes.
 And this closet holds long sleeve dress shirts and sweaters. Yep, another shoe rack. This one holds dress shoes and flats. Oh, and I have one more shoe holder that is like the catch all for random shoes
 And I have some big plastic drawer things that I have all of my sweat-shirts and big bulky sweaters in.

   I know, your probably thinking that I have clothes everywhere and a few of you are thinking that I have way to much clothes. But in my defense, I still have, and fit into, my Umbros from way back in 1994. Also, none of these closets are that big. HAHA and I really don't care, some people gamble, others play golf, some eat out a lot, others quilt, while others drink, I on the other hand shop!
   So besides putting together my new closet I also did a bunch of cleaning. I cleaned my room, changed my sheets, and cleaned my office. I put new sheets on my bed and fluffed my feather bed, can't wait to get into my own lil cloud tonight when I get into bed. I just love when my bed is all made up, the bed set is from Anthropologie and one of my Favorites. I love all of their stuff!!
I also love my two antique hankie pillows.

   I was so glad to get everything cleaned. I even went through a bunch of stuff in my office and found stuff from a few of my old education classes. I threw away a bunch of stuff that I wasn't sure why I was keeping. I also sorted and organized all of my craft and scrapbooking stuff. I haven't really been using my office all that much lately except for storage. I forgot how much I liked some of the stuff in there. One of my favorites things in my office is this great mustered yellow antique cabinet.

    After all the cleaning, I spent the rest of my afternoon balancing my checkbook and doing some paperwork. I didn't get a single thing graded or do anything for school. Guess thats on the To Do list for tomorrow.   -Till Tomorrow


Anonymous said...

mercy i'm wore out just reading your blog glad you were able to get your closet fixed luv ya

Judi Stoker said...

Remember, the new global mindset is: less is more. On the other hand, what's wrong with feeding your soul (or your closet)? ;-)