Friday, August 6, 2010

If at first you don't succeed...

...try and try again. So I had intended to start working on #5 of my list but things did not go to well and...well I kind-of forgot. So the plan was to not spend anything beyond necessities. Now what does one define as a necessity? What may be considered a necessity for one, may not be by another. So to be clear, I did as I do with everything, I referred to the dictionary. This was what they had to say
   the microwave is now regarded as a necessity: essential, indispensable item, requisite, prerequisite, necessary, basic, sine qua non, desideratum; informal must-have.
   Well, that just seems a bit broad, or maybe I can just be a little analytical, but I can plead the case for many things to fall within the "necessity" category. One example would be this cute dress that I bought the other day. Now it wasn't till after that I remembered that I was not supposed to be spending anything, but this could be considered a necessity. It was a $65 dollar dress for $20 bucks, houndstooth (so cute!!!), has pockets!!!!!!, and I needed more dresses for work. So it was an "informal must-have" and since it was black and white, an "essential" item. So after realizing that I had not did so well with #5, I had really picked a bad week to start the "not spending" thing, I decided that the day that school started would be a good day to start my two months of not spending. So I will try this again and start on Tue. and see how things go.

Random Fact Friday
  1. Ponies and Orchids are my favorite flowers.
  2. I love Gold Fish crackers!
  3. I'm allergic to Guinea pigs!! Crazy eye almost popping out of its socket thing happens.

-Till Tomorrow

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