Friday, August 13, 2010

Funny, Random, Cute, and Sweet

    Random Fact Friday:

*I hate when my desks in my classroom aren't lined up the way I set them up. HAHA I straighten them at least 4 times a day.

*I love my Fossil Travel wallet! It holds everything.
 *My new Favorite drink, well when I'm not drinking coffee
 *I had one of those days when you just don't feel comfortable in anything you try on. This morning I tried on 4 complete outfits before I finally stuck with something.
*I just love these!!! I have a pair of Cole Hans and they are so cute and wonderful to wear, so comfy!!! Found these on eBay but didn't buy them because its my two months of not spending....Auhhhh!!!! I how I wanted to buy these!
*I hate when it rains while I'm at work. I feel like a Chia Pet, add water and it seems my hair grows and frizzes every which way
*So Houndstooth and Mustard Yellow seem to be my new favorite pattern and color.
*I saw this Map bangle on Etsy and I'm so going to try and make one myself.
*I have 1st period off this year and I'm not really liking it. Seems that the day is exhausting going straight through from 2nd to 4th. I miss my 3rd period off. :(

 *I re-potted my orchid and I think I may have damaged it. Three of the leaves have died and I'm praying the other three can hold on. Not sure what I did? It was so beautiful last year when it bloomed.
*Love this sweet lil would look great on one of my many black dresses. Found gochemoche's Shop on Etsy and just love her beautiful work!
this one would look great on a gray dress that I have

*Watching Troy makes me want to go to Greece so bad!!!

*These t-shirts crack me up!!!

So thats my random facts Friday. Hope that everyone has a great weekend. I will be working on those steeeeeeeenking lesson plans and taking a trip to town to look for supplies for my art class.
-Till Tomorrow

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