Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random Mixed Things

Its all about, school, and more school. I've been working in my classroom and I almost have everything done. As a teacher one I have learned and live by is, Beg, Borrow, and Steal. Very few of my ideas for my classroom are original ideas. And in the words of my supervising teacher the, Almighty Zana, "your only as good as those around you." I have begged, borrowed and stolen from Sammie Lynn, Marlane, and many others. I was using someone's classroom when I taught at the Creative Scholars camp and the teacher had these awesome file folders. It wasn't so much the folders but the way that she had them labeled, it just made sense. Take a look, everything a teacher needs.
Of course I had to get cute folders
  We got a few new teachers this year and, I'm so happy, we have lot of returning ones as well. So since I'm the Student Council sponsor I thought it would be nice to do a lil something to say "Welcome" and "Glad Your Back." I stole an idea that I had gotten from my days in college.
   In one of my last seminars in college they gave all of us a "I am Terrific" folder. They said that as teachers we will get little notes, cards, and letters from our students and that we needed to put these in our folder. So when one of "those days," the days that you want to quit and you wonder why in the heck you ever went to school for what you thought was forever, comes along you can pull out your "I am Terrific" folder and remind yourself why you do what you do. They even had the story "Star Polisher" in our folders, they said that it was our first item for our folders. So thats what I made for all of our teachers, a folder with the Star Polisher story. I also got a cute teacher notepad and clip to go with it, and attached a lil note that said that our teachers matter and to have a great year. A nice lil gift.
   Another thing that I just love is drawing my calender on my board. My supervising teacher did this and I just stole it and made it my own. I love all of the color and I assign my different periods a color and so I write each classes assignments due dates in their color. Plus its big and visible.
   I'm teaching Fine Art Survey this semester and have been collaborating with the other art teacher and took one of her suggestions for my bookcases and made curtains to conceal the projects and supplies from my Geography classes. Kids just love to touch stuff and dig, but I'm hoping that the curtains will help deter them some. My Mom, being the Awesome Mom that she always is, gave me this So VERY CUTE material to use for curtains.

   I was so happy to finally get my bulletin board done today. I'm pretty pleased with it.

   While on my road trip this summer we visited Carlsbad Caverns and I adopted a bat. This was what I got, an adoption certificate and photo of my bat. I still haven't named him yet, think I will let the kids do that.

   If you happened to see my Facebook a few weeks ago then you knew that I was very excited to find out that they make 4" and 5" binders. I was in desperate need of a bigger binder for my world Geography stuff. This is like my Geog bible...I even made an extra copy to keep here at home just in case of a fire at school. This is the 4" binder,  I could not believe that the 5" binder was $33 dollars!!! That sucker better be lined with gold for $33 bucks!!! Heck for that much for a binder it better walk it's self to the copy machine hop on up and make copies.

   Again, I stole a great idea from my friend Mrs. Armstrong at B.C.M.S, she does a class raffle and the kids get raffle tickets for good behavior, good grades, and random acts of kindness. I restocked my raffle goody basket, Thank God for Dollar Tree!
   And finally, I'm trying something that I read about in a book by the teacher from the movie Dangerous Minds. The book is "Teaching Outside the Box," and she has a ton of great ideas but I just loved this one. I made these and when kids act up I will just walk by and place it on their desk. Its bright so I can look out across the class and see who has one and it serves as a reminder for the student to come and see me.

Don't you wish that you could carry some of these around with you to give to people that you come across during your day?
-Till Tomorrow


Anonymous said...

As usual. Love it. Love it. Love it!!!! Good job, even giving credit where credit is due. You are an amazing teacher. Soooo proud of you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow!!! your classroom and all of your things look so cool!! if i was a student i would LOVE coming to your class. :)
happy school year.
your lil sis.

syllatham said...

Thanks guys for the comments.