Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

 Happy Wednesday!
Hope that everyone is having a great week. 
So another What I Wore Wednesday.
Thur- another day in the classroom.
Black Dress: AE
White tank: Sam's
Mint green sweater: Old Navy
Black wedges: Nine West
Necklace: Banana Republic 

Fri- Yay!
Navy polo: School shirt
Plaid skirt: AE
Leather sandals: Ocean Minded (so comfy and legal for work dress code)
Headband: Wal-Mart

Palm tree necklace- lil shop in FL.
Starfish earrings- Swarovski (They are my Favorite!!!)

Sat- Working around the house and rebuilding my closet.
Louisiana Alphabet t-shirt: Lil gift shop at LA state capital
Shorts: Gap
Flip-flops: AE
My ever present coffee. Love this mug! It has Glenda the good witch and says,
"Only Bad Witches are Ugly"

Sun- Church
Shirt: Gap
Tank: Target
Jeans: AE
Flip-flops: Nine West
Necklaces: AE and China

Navy sundress: Wal-Mart
Tank: Sam's
White sweater: Target
Sandals: Target
Necklace: Banana Republic
(didn't even realize I wore it on Thur as well, oh well its cute)

Cream tank: AE
Brown pants: Aeropostale
Blue sweater: Target
Leather sandals: Ocean Minded
Headband: Wal-Mart
Tree of Life Necklace: Amazon

Wed- Half day and meetings
Blue Tank: Old Navy
Green skirt: Old Navy
White sweater: Target
Leather sandals: Ocean Minded
Large Starfish necklace: Swarovski 

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Anonymous said...

some days i don't see what you wear because when you come to eat you already changed==cute stuff but you are hooked on those lil sundresses they must be comfortable. like the skirt with the school shirt that was cute luv ya

syllatham said...

Wow...looking at these pics really makes me think that I should do something different with my hair! What do you think, any suggestions??

trish said...

Such cute outfits!! :o)