Thursday, August 12, 2010

What a gross day

   It rained so bad today! I hate when it rains and we have to go to school. Our campus is an open campus and even with the awnings you still get wet. They thought it was going to be  a lot worse then what it was so they let kids call home and those that drove could check out. So there were not that many that stayed. I had two kids in my 2nd hour, 2 in my 3rd, and 7 in my 4th hour. We did work, my kids tried telling me that I was the only teacher that was making them do work. One of my kids from last semester had stopped in to visit and when he heard that comment he said, "Yep, thats Ms. Latham. You are always doing something in her class and man just you wait till you guys get to her projects!!!" I have to say that that kind-of comment was music to my ears. We have some really good Freshmen this year.
   For my Fine Arts class I only had 2, so we walked down to the other art teachers room and showed them examples of what the first project was going to be. They are going to be creating an altered book based on what they learn as we make our way through the different element that are considered Fine Arts. I'm really excited about the project and I think that I am going to do one myself to have as an example for next year. Should be fun! Well after they looked at the examples we put in an education art video and they wanted to stay so she said I could leave them with her and her two kids. So I went back to my room and tried to get all of the textbooks for my Geog. class assigned. I hate messing with textbooks! you have to record numbers write the name in it and then copy all of that down on a sheet to be turned into the office. But I got them all done. I was so upset that I didn't have all of my kids and couldn't do the lesson I had planned, the human globe! But were doing it tomorrow and they just love it, that and making their own globes out of balloons. So a full day tomorrow and then I have a full weekend of planning, cleaning, and washing clothes. I also need to start calling all my students parents to introduce myself. Well way past my bedtime.     
 -Till Tomorrow 

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