Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I don't always get it

I know how this kid feels...

   So being a public school teacher, who has never gone to to public school, there are many times when I just don't get it. I don't get all the hoopla about things like Homecoming, Prom, and other things considered Extra-curricular. I sometimes don't understand why things like football are such a big deal.

   Until I got my job at South Plaq. I didn't even know what a student council was and for sure had no clue what they did. I'm learning and in my learning I'm understanding a little bit about it all. I'm still not 100% sure if I'm a fan of it all. I'm a really great sponsor "Or at least that's what my Friends say," (if you know that quote then you stinken Awesome) and they can't believe that I don't like it since I do such a good job. Well I never said I didn't like organizing stuff, I mean I organize my closet. It just seems to me that so many people let these things define who they are. Really, now tell me all you prom and homecoming queens, has anyone on a job interview ever, just once, asked to see your crown or sash? Has anyone, a year or two out of high school, even put on that crown and thought, "wow the highlight of my life," God I hope not, I hope that there is more to life.
   I know, I know... all of you that are die-hard fans of the hoopla are thinking to yourself, "she's writing all of this because she has never experienced any of it." I can honestly say that I had quite the social life and many friends but I just...well I just don't get it. I know, as a good teacher who tries to contribute to the camaraderie at our school, I try to get it. I try to make the events I do and help with memories that will last a lifetime. But I pray that my kids have so much more to remember in life beyond just the crazy high school hoopla. 


Anonymous said...

Hey Syl, I always read your blog, but never comment. Surely one of the things that makes a person a good person must be admitting that you just don't get it. Even better is a person who doesn't get it, yet has an open enough mind to participate and see the importance to other people. I admire your leadership! P.S. I could not have touched prom queen with a ten foot pole! Catherine

syllatham said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment and for reading.

Anonymous said...

There are some people (and I went to school with some of them!) that that is the biggest thing that will ever happen in their life. But for most people, it's just the biggest thing happening to them at that time. When I was in high school my life revolved around my extra-curricular stuff and I loved all of it. Honestly, without all that stuff high school would have really sucked. All of it was the most important thing to me at that moment, because when you're 16 you're not thinking about job interviews and real life stuff that won't happen for a long time. And of all it taught me life skills that I didn't learn in a classroom. Those things certainly weren't the biggest or most important things that ever happened to me in my life, but they were the most important things happening at that moment.